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Re: [microsound] unintentional sound

hi isjtar,

another guy who used to show up on this list quite alot and who i've worked with a little is john hudak .http://www.johnhudak.net

i mention him because he does alot with sounds which might not normally be considered music yet have a musical quality. he also explores the frontiers between intention and lack of intention (something different from what might be considered intention ?). he did an installation once where trees made video which was converted to sound or something like that though i have a wild imagination sometimes; maybe that was just what i was hoping .

i shouldn't worry too much about whether such approaches have been explored too much. since the form and results have much reference to "where you live" , how you imagine yourself fitting in to the world , your own tastes and how much you like to include , exclude. similar to the way almost anyone who reads this could purchase , make or have access to a guitar or a piano; there are so many ways to approach it that shouldn't be a deterrent.

it is a good idea to do the research ; even if you have a strong idea already. that way you don't end up aping someone's work without realizing it or use someone's title , etc..



On Sep 10, 2005, at 2:06 PM, Isjtar wrote:


very good points, I was thinking of very little being unintentional in a certain way them while typing that e-mail in fact : )
that needn't put me off, though I should really get into the semantics. anyway, for now i'll keep it rather broad and open.

it seems that you are constantly linking sounds to thoughts and other sounds, creating relations of meaning and intention. that's a pretty cool way of listening really.
it's that kind of awareness and others i'd like to invoke. i like the micro hard rock song, it gives that 'unintended' sound a lot of power.

either way, some sounds you can't control. even if you don't put on a silk dress, your heart beats... though come to think of it, there are very little 'human' sounds that come without a minimum of controlled action.

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