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Re: [microsound] stealth recording gear

At 3:04 PM -0700 4/5/06, Aaron Ximm wrote:

the new MZ-RH1... you can adjust gain on the fly,

I believe you can do this with all of the first generation HiMD's too.

with the single limitation that it doesn't use standard AAs and will
(like the Microtrack) have to be powered with outboard sleds via the USB
connector for long trips off the grid.

The "slim" batteries that the MZ-RH1 uses are fairly expensive and they seem to require a stand-alone charger in order to not tie up the deck just for charging. (I use a MAHA MH-C77&Plus II charger that handles "odd balls" like this.) However, with 2300mah of power, the slim batteries should support about 4-5 hours of recording per charge depending on headphone level (or 6-7 hours for Aaron unless you're using headphones these days).

Actually just to get the archives straight, the SD722 (and big sibling
SD744) has *excellent* pres markedly superior to the other prosumer
recorders available...
I've never heard a single comment (or recording!) that suggested
otherwise; and my own growing experience with my own 722 bears that out as

If believe the Lunatec V3 boasts a 1 or 2dB less noise but that's the only pre I know of that's lower. I'm pretty sure all the noise you hear in the test for the 722 is from the NT1A's meager 5-6 dBA of self noise.

No hurry on a 4060/183 test. Have you figured out a way to go stealth with your mkh80's yet!?:-) They're pretty amazing mics huh? Rob D.

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