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Re: [microsound] stealth recording gear

> had such nice pre's! the only problem for me is the medium of mini-
> disc...I swore to never using anything with moving parts again (yes,

Remember btw that HiMD recorders record uncompressed 16/44 (in addition to
various ATRAC modes) now, and that the new MZ-RH1 (pres as yet untested!)
coming out in the next couple of months has been tweaked for field
recording applications, e.g. it finally remembers your gain settings, you
can adjust gain on the fly, it has side-of-unit stereo metering, and it
supports unlimited upload of your recordings via USB2.

Sad if it's (as is likely) the last MD unit ever; if it's up to snuff it
should be the high water mark for field recording applications in consumer
MD with the single limitation that it doesn't use standard AAs and will
(like the Microtrack) have to be powered with outboard sleds via the USB
connector for long trips off the grid.

> > http://www.uwm.edu/~type/Mic%20Preamps/ MicroTrack_NH900_722Compare2.mov
> no apologies needed...I appreciate - and need - a redundancy of
> information :)
> the 722 is known to have crap pre's and was one of the reasons I
> decided against buying it for a portable recording kit...but your
> comparison really drives home that point...nice!

Actually just to get the archives straight, the SD722 (and big sibling
SD744) has *excellent* pres markedly superior to the other prosumer
recorders available. Rob was just pointing out that the lowly Sony HiMDs
have slightly more gain.

I've never heard a single comment (or recording!) that suggested
otherwise; and my own growing experience with my own 722 bears that out as

Not to be confused with the PMD670 and 671, which are often so accused!

> > Yes, they're becoming quite popular. I've never
> > has a chance to compare the 1060's and the 183's.

On my to-do list, still, a shootout between my various sets: WL183s, DPA
1060s, Soundman OKMs, Sonic Studios DSM-6S/EHs, old radio shack 33-3038s,
a pair of entry level Core Sound binaurals I have with electret

....next time I'm in MKE Rob I'll bring the lot, I swear! :)

> also thanks to Aaron for the info on 183's as well...do you have a
> email for Dan Dugan?





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