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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio

On Dec 19, 2007 3:07 PM, Frank Barknecht <fbar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To me, the strength of Linux and Free
> software is, that it allows people to fix problems on their own
> instead of depending on a multimillion dollar company to fix it.

I've seen this utopian argument thrown about countless times and I
fully agree with it in theory. In practice, however, I don't see that
many Linux users fixing substantial issues with the OS on their
own--apart, of course, from kernel-hackers and the like, but they
aren't, by definition, the audience to whom this mantra is sold.
Unless, of course, if by fixing problems is meant getting a video card
working properly by tinkering with xfree86 conf files, getting a
Logitech webcam working by installing and compiling stuff (following
instructions that always are for distro xyz instead of xyw and fail in
some obscure step with cryptic errors) or getting your audio setup up
to a point where the installation of any new piece of software or
hardware is approached with dread, lest it break whatever was there
before in subtle and potentially unrecoverable ways. And the
libertarian, anti-corporate overtones also don't cut it, even though
I'm all for it; let's be realistic--Linux wouldn't be where it is
without several multimillion dollar companies backing it up. And even
then, it is far from perfect, as everybody seems to agree. We'll know
it is when it allows a user base that doesn't have a developer and
sysadmin mindset.


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