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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio


On 12/19/07, Paulo Mouat <paulo.mouat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Unless, of course, if by fixing problems is meant getting a video card
> working properly by tinkering with xfree86 conf files, getting a
> Logitech webcam working by installing and compiling stuff (following
> instructions that always are for distro xyz instead of xyw and fail in
> some obscure step with cryptic errors) or getting your audio setup up
> to a point where the installation of any new piece of software or
> hardware is approached with dread, lest it break whatever was there
> before in subtle and potentially unrecoverable ways.

to me, all of these examples would qualify as fixing problems.

> Linux wouldn't be where it is
> without several multimillion dollar companies backing it up.

hmm, not so sure about this one. first, where is it?

if you mean it's increasing market share- don't forget about the fact
that it is free [both as in beer and freedom]. there are many people
who are attracted to either kind of freedom. similarly, the linux
community is a huge asset. [even if corporations are befuddled by it]

and also, windows sucks so hard [vista] that some are driven away to
something better.

and who cares about perfection anyway? isn't it just a straw man?

\js  [ http://or8.net/~johns/ ]

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