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Re: [microsound] Simplest Way to Install Ubuntu Studio RT kernel?

Charles Turner hat gesagt: // Charles Turner wrote:

> I went ahead by adding the Gutsy repos to apt/sources.list. The Ubuntu 
> kernel wants to see my drive as /dev/sda, not /dev/hda. I haven't 
> resolved this, but perhaps it's just a change in grub.cfg.

I think, some magic added to "/boot/grub/menu.lst" should solve this.
This file is heavily documented inside.

> You're right about the Debian kernel system. I always shy away from 
> that because I think I'll need a longish block of time that I don't 
> seem to have. But in retrospect, I always spend more time on a project 
> than I expected!

Ha, that's true, happens to me as well. ;)

Learning kernel-package and building the first kernel with it indeed
takes some time, I'd say maybe an afternoon for a user new to it, but
with some general Linux knowledge. If you dive into it, you should
definitely first build a standard kernel from an official Debian
kernel-source package and using all defaults during configuration
(maybe only change CPU type). Compilation will be longer, but it's
less likely that you build an unbootable kernel. But even if it
doesn't boot, you will have your old kernel available in Grub. Making
a rt-patched kernel is a bit harder. (For my uses the standard kernel
nowadays has latencies small enough so apart from enabling prepemtion
in the kernel, I just use the stock kernel without any RT-patches. 

But if the Ubuntu-RT-kernel (or try one from 64Studio) runs, you
should be fine with that as well. 

 Frank Barknecht                                     _ ______footils.org__

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