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Re: [microsound] Greenpeace and apple

This comment is directed at no single person in particular.

I'm not trying to be rude, but if you'd use spell checkers before posting,
it might help represent your thoughts better.

I know it's hard to type something and proofread it every time before you
hit the send button, and no one's perfect.  But after years of reading
Slashdot comments, I've learned to favor the arguments of people who are
more traditional in their grammatical expression.

Plus, by proofreading, you are given the chance to revise anything written
that may have been spurred by heated passions as opposed to rational
argument, and we could all avoid having to sit through flamewar after
ridiculous flamewar.

I made sure to sit on this very email for a good half hour at before sending
it for the same reasons;  I don't want to pick a fight!

Again, this is not meant as an attack on your (plural) character. If you'd
rather see your comments be taken more seriously, this could help!  We'd all
be a lot better off if we could keep emotions to a minimum when debating,
and save our passions to pour into our respected creative projects.

 I'm on this list to learn about new trends in art and music, or discover
older ones that I may have missed.  I'm definitely not interested in these
pointless sparring matches full of off-the-cuff ad hominem remarks.

Take care, and enjoy the New Year.