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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio

> to me, all of these examples would qualify as fixing problems.

But those are exactly the kinds of problems that shouldn't be there.
When I want to record a track of audio I certainly don't want to spend
3 hours googling about device drivers or jack or whatever. I would
like to have my new hardware "just work". I understand that this is a
chicken and egg situation, but that is in essence the challenge that
Linux is facing. No matter how Windows or OSX suck, things seem to
"just work" on them (in general). You know, I might buy an antique car
for the maintenance fun, but if I want to do a 500-mile drive, I'd
probably go with something that is less stressful and gets me there on
time, relaxed etc.

> > Linux wouldn't be where it is
> > without several multimillion dollar companies backing it up.
> hmm, not so sure about this one. first, where is it?

IBM. Mozilla. Apache. OSDL. usw.

> if you mean it's increasing market share- don't forget about the fact
> that it is free [both as in beer and freedom]. there are many people
> who are attracted to either kind of freedom. similarly, the linux
> community is a huge asset. [even if corporations are befuddled by it]

Much less befuddled than they were 5 or 10 years ago.

> and who cares about perfection anyway? isn't it just a straw man?

You took me too literally. I meant perfection as in usable by
non-computer-savvy people.

Honestly, I am fairly computer-savvy and would very much appreciate
the shift to Linux just based on principle and philosophy. However,
time is a rare and precious commodity, and I normally just want to do
real stuff rather than fixing issues that shouldn't be there.


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