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Re: [microsound] Simplest Way to Install Ubuntu Studio RT kernel?

Charles Turner hat gesagt: // Charles Turner wrote:

> It worked OK. What I was really after was the realtime-lsm module, and 
> wasn't certain what kind of support stock Debian kernels had for it. 

Oh, don't use that! It's very deprecated and there are much easier and
better ways to let non-root users gain the priviledge to use the
realtime mode. Just add this to /etc/security/limits.conf:

@audio         -       nice            -10
@audio         -       rtprio          99
@audio         -       memlock         unlimited

and put yourself in group "audio", unless your already in it (Check
with the "groups" commando, and if "audio" doesn't show up, add
yourself with "adduser USER audio" and restart X to activate the

Note: It's a common misunderstanding, but the realtime-lsm module has
absolutely nothing to do with realtime performance. It's a module that
only deals with the authentification of users who use certain (realtime)
capabilities of the Linux kernel, not with these capabilities itself.
The name "realtime-lsm" is very misleading and many a Linux user got
confused about this. 

Authentification on Linux and in Debian is generally handled by the so
called PAM system ("pluggable authentification modules"). You should
configure PAM with the settings in limits.conf mentioned above.

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