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Re: [microsound] Socio/political implications of microsound music?

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Boris Klompus wrote:
governments, or wrongs done to people, but it is definately revolutionary in
the way music is made and thought of/about. Its structure is much different
than that of popular music now, and is a lot closer to experimental music of


There are some wrong actions occuring. There are also some objects that seem to be connected with those actions. Insofar as those wrongs can be said to be sourced in those objects, representative of those object-wrong connections may be all that which results in a population's predispositions, or targets of acquisition. A population's actions will often result in a wrong-connected object's increase in currency, this result fostered through what are wrong actions.

Microsound potentially obstructs some mechanisms of predispositioning a population by allowing it to have positive voice and shut ears in what would otherwise be uncritical consumption. This is not unique to microsound of course, the same being found in any case where there is a local popular art, or in the case of a sufficiently isolated community, simply a close knit. Microsound does offer the opportunity to question, even question the existence of, those implacable traditions and relations litterin everywhere, but it's hard, really hard, to om mani padme hum one's way into defying gravity, especially when finally it's the weekend and I can relax from the work week, tonight maybe I'll boil potatoes, and....

At least, anyone listening to or making microsound is someone not for that time buying flavor of the moment or selling it to friends.

Dear Patron Saint,
your lips are lopsided

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