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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio

Paulo Mouat hat gesagt: // Paulo Mouat wrote:

> > to me, all of these examples would qualify as fixing problems.
> But those are exactly the kinds of problems that shouldn't be there.
> When I want to record a track of audio I certainly don't want to spend
> 3 hours googling about device drivers or jack or whatever. I would
> like to have my new hardware "just work". I understand that this is a
> chicken and egg situation, but that is in essence the challenge that
> Linux is facing. No matter how Windows or OSX suck, things seem to
> "just work" on them (in general). 

Well, you probably know that this is mostly related to companies not
releasing specifications for their hardware. Where specifications are
available, things can be even easier on Linux. A concrete example are
USB(1.1) soundcards. I did a test for a computer mag some time ago
involving ~20 USB soundcards. They were tested on OS-X, Win32 and
Linux. I did the Linux tests and except the rare case where the
manufacturer was not following the USB specification (i.e. M-Audio)
the devices "just worked" plug and play. The Windows/Max guy had much
more problems and encountered crashes all over, while I was done in 2

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